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About Nutritionforelife

Nutritionforelife is an Independent Herbalife Associate. We offer Herbalife Products in India and around the world. Purchase following Herbalife Products online specifically from Herbalife Warehouse:

  1. Herbalife Weight Management Products.
  2. Energy & Fitness Supplements Products.
  3. Targeted Nutrition Products
  4. Personal Care Products.
  5. Skin Care Products.
  6. Business Opportunity Worldwide.

Disclaimer: Herbalife items are not proposed to analyze, treat, cure or keep any sickness, ailment or torment. Inconsistency with relevant Laws.

These outcomes are not run of the mill; singular outcomes may fluctuate from person to person.

Shop Herbalife Products Online…

This is the website of an Independent Herbalife Associate. If you are already an Independent Herbalife Associate/PC/CPC, go to official Herbalife website herbalife.co.in or call on  +91 9303962981 for details.

Herbalife Key Facts:

  • Operating in 91+ Countries.
  • Products are underpinned by science and include protein shakes and snacks; vitamins and nutritional supplements; sports, energy and fitness drinks; and skin and hair care solutions.
  • Herbalife pillar the Herbalife Family Foundation (HFF) in its program which brings good nutrition to vulnerable children ( Casa Herbalife ).
  • Sponsors world-class athletes, teams and sporting events around the world.
  • Sports teams including the LA Galaxy
  • Champions in 15+ other sports.

Our Mission is to change people’s living stander by providing the best Herbal Product in direct selling and the nutrition and weight-management products in the world.

Herbalife snacks & protein shakes, vitamins, dietary supplements & fitness drinks promote energy. its skin and hair care products, combined with healthy eating and exercise, can help you lead a healthy, active life.

Herbalife is committed to developing innovative, effective products that are based on the highest research, development, and manufacturing standards.

Weight Management

Trying to maintain weight? Our science-based Weight Management products, including Formula 1 Nutritional Shakes, help millions around the world look and feel great every day.

Energy and Fitness

Whether you’re a serious athlete or a weekend warrior, Herbalife Sports & Fitness products support training and recovery through good nutrition.

Targeted Nutrition

Our Targeted Nutrition products offer a balance of essential nutrients to support heart health, men’s and women’s health and more.

Outer Nutrition

Nourish skin and hair with Herbalife outer nutrition products – your secret to maintaining a healthy, youthful appearance.

Shop Herbalife products online now with pride… Happy Shopping…




Nutritionforelife generally charge Rs. 100/- for order amount upto Rs. 2000 and FREE Shipping for orders more than Rs 2000, but delivery charges may vary depending upon your geographical location.


Nutritionforelife accepts Internet Banking, Credit/Debit Cards, Digital Wallets, UPI and Direct Bank Deposit to make your purchase.
Nutritionforelife also accepts payments made using Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express credit/debit cards in India.


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